Sunday, July 18, 2010


Kent Williams: The Silk Book is an over-sized 17 x 17 inch handcrafted artist edition which includes 20 giclée plates, and one original drawing executed especially for each volume. The drawing and the plates are hand-bound in each beautifully crafted book by means of Japanese stab binding, and features mulberry endpapers and covered by Japanese silk and debossed. Each volume is individually proofed by the artist and comes signed, numbered and stamped with the artist's personal hanko signature seal and embossed stamp. Very limited to an edition of 10. $2500 SOLD OUT

The book can also be ordered directly from the Kent Williams Studio Store, but it's very important that you contact us first for availability of the edition(s) you may be interested in.

Below are images of the book and the 10 original drawings.

  ^ Silk Book Drawing 10/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 9/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 8/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 7/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 6/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 5/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 4/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 3/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 2/10

^ Silk Book Drawing 1/10

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Limited Edition Prints

Two newer paintings, 1962 and Blonde Natalia in Studio Arrangement have been produced as limited edition prints. Both prints are currently available from the Kent Williams Online Store.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Blond Natalia, Paint Can, and Orange Electric Cord
2010, oil on linen, 14×14 in., 36×36 cm.

Group Exhibition curated by John O’Hern
July 2–30, 2010 | Opening reception Friday evening 5 – 8 pm
Private view on Thursday, July 1 | By invitation only

EVOKE Contemporary
130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite F
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501