Friday, May 8, 2009


Rashomon, 2009, oil and encaustic on linen mounted on wood panel with distressed wooden beam, 52 x 44 in., 132 x 112 cm.

Okay, I'm excited here – I just finished this painting for Criterion and Janus Films that's being used as the movie poster for the theatrical re-release of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon! The screening info should be posted by next week at When I moved to NYC in 1980 for college, Kurosawa's Kagemusha had just been released in the US and was the first foreign subtitled film I had ever gone to a theater to see. After that, I started going to the Japan Society Film House to watch his previous films. All this tied in with so many of my other interests at the time and still does now. I'm told that we'll have copies of the poster available at San Diego Con this summer at the Allen Spiegel Fine Arts booth.


  1. You are my hero.

    Rashomon is one of the finest films ever, and you do it utter justice.

    I'm very impressed indeed.


  2. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho. São impressionates. Algo único!


  3. Awesome!! Really good works here!!

  4. Great! A good reason to go to the cinema to see Rashomon in the big screen

  5. I have to say......that's really awesome. I'm glad you got on such a great project.

  6. Hey that's fantastic man. Congrats! Always exciting to see an artist get a gig they're psyched to be working on and be associated with. Too cool!

    I would say that we'd see you at the SDCC this summer but we've got a baby-girl on the way & she's due during the Con! Next year fo sho! ;)


  7. HOORAY!! congratulation!!!!!
    you know why... right?