Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Katsuya Terada

At gallery last day of my Los Angeles exhibition with Katsuya Terada and Ayako Fujitani visiting from Tokyo. They had come by with Mari Inukai who took the shots here.


  1. WOah...Kent Williams has a blog!!! yay..... I have been a fan of yours for too long sir... please keep updating this beast of a blog... please....
    Thanks for the posts...

  2. Kent, I would love to see in your Blog some texts about your influences, thoughts and discussions about contemporary art. I mean, something more theoric about the poetics and the thinking behind your process. That would be great!
    Your fan, Alex. (São Paulo, BRAZIL)

  3. Katsuya Terada and Kent Williams in the same place... how much talent in that room!!

  4. 6 years later, but I have to admit, is really cool to see both Williams and Terada chilling out together.