Friday, March 6, 2009

In Progress 3 (kind of)

Sorry for the delay, but just not much progress. Have been down and out with the flu all week. I did manage to get out of bed and into the studio today and put in just about an hour or so. Not much, but thought I would go ahead and post these so you didn't think I flaked on you. I did respond to a question from Brian from the last post and thought I would restate the answer here, thinking that it would be of interest to some of you. Brian's question was " you mix anything into your oils to give it that texture?"

No, generally on my first pass I'm using no or very little medium. The texture is coming about by the fact that I'm loading my brush up pretty heavy with paint and simply laying it down that way. As I work towards the finish, I start using more and more medium, thus resulting in less textured paint (but of course, that initial brushwork telescopes through the proceeding layers.) So, no, I'm using no artificial 'texture' medium. So much of this would be much more understandable and obvious if you could see the original, not just in print or on the screen here.


  1. awesommmmmme-o
    love the new stuff!!

  2. More and more beautiful, I'm impatient too see this painting finish !
    I love the manner you "aging" your painting.

  3. Sorry to hear about the flu. Hope you get well soon!

    Something is very curious about this last step, I hope you dont mind me asking about it...

    In picture 2 I can see that her hair is very dark, with hard edges, but on picture 3, you did glazed on top of the hair, and it seems to me that also trough her face, some grey. Whats the idea behind this procedure? To create some kind of a soft edge and reduce the "hardness" of the black that you once had?

    This one is coming out awesome!!! I cant wait to see the finished piece.

    Your friend
    São Paulo - Brasil

  4. I really enjoy your work and seeing the process. The elements of your paintings (glazing, overpainting, dismemberment, etc.) really make me think of how I approach my own work. Your techniques have been inspirational for how I plan to approach a couple series of paintings.

  5. What kind of medium do you use? The way you explained the process seems to be a reverse of common convention (fat over lean). It sounds like you go lean over fat. What prevents cracking?

    I would love to take your painting class. If only I didn't live in dreary Michigan.

  6. Fantastic finding your blog!

    Yours and Nicolás Uribe's are on my "not daily but often" check out list.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. damn you're good at faces and expressions. such technique and spirit! thanks again for the updates. this is really exciting to see.

  8. Looks really nice man! I discovered you on SOI 49. Your work is amazing!