Monday, July 13, 2009

New Drawing Catalog

A new catalogue of drawings and sketches will be available for sale at my online store starting August 10th.

At Random Too, 24 b&w pgs + cover, large 13 x 10 format, Publisher: Allen Spiegel Fine Arts – ISBN 978-1-934298-08-4 $20


  1. Ok, you know someone has to ask. Might as well be me. If we aren't able to make it, will there be any we can purchase online? ??

  2. YES!!!! Another At Random!!! Hope I can buy online. It's funny, I wrote on Jason Shawn Alexander's blog, to tell you to do another one. LOL.

  3. Just got mine in the mail yesterday. I guess I'm so used to paging through the old @ Random, that I was (pleasantly) surprised by how big the dimensions are. And it has some of the nicest paper I've ever seen/felt in an artbook.

    You should put out a new one of these each month.