Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pre-Opening Install Shots

Here are a few installation shots pre-opening. Will post more of exhibition and of opening later. See preview of exhibition online at

A Solo Exhibition of New Paintings and Drawings
September 2 – 30, 2010 | Opening reception Thursday, September 2, 6 – 8 pm

EVOKE Contemporary
130 Lincoln Avenue, Suite F
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501



  1. Your work is absolutely beautiful. Truly inspiring.

  2. This show looks set to be something kinda awesome. Wish I could go. It sucks living in the UK and having no money...

  3. I'm mexican i will go next week, i lost the opening :( i love your work i wish you teach here.

  4. Hello Mr. Williams,

    So I am pretty sure that I am asking something that will be unobtainable, but hey...shoot for the stars right?

    I direct a gallery out of Rye, New Hampshire and we are currently working on curating an exhibition of small art (under 10x10x10 inches including frame) and I was wondering if you might like to are one of several artists that I have grown to adore over time and I think it would be incredible to have a piece of your work in my gallery's show.

    The show's title is Precious and the deadline is September 24th (for submission of images, physical work is due in November).

    You can read about it/the submission guidelines here: (click the box that says Precious).

    Your work has been incredibly influential to my photographic endeavors and well...honestly, to have your work in my gallery's exhibition would be something extraordinary.

    Director, Soo Rye Art Gallery

  5. Drove 574 miles to see your work this weekend. It was worth it! Pictures do no justice to your incredible work. my brother and I left inspired and in awe!! Thanks!