Monday, December 8, 2008

PILOT 2 Print

I've decided to release a specially priced open edition print of the PILOT 2 painting from this year. The print measures a large 17 x 22 inches and is exquisitely reproduced on double weight exhibition grade fiber base paper. Each print will come signed, and if ordered by the 15th, you should receive by Christmas. If not ordered by the 15th, no orders will go out until Jan 2, 2009. To place an order, go to Kent Williams Studio Store. If you happen to live in the LA area or more specifically, Alhambra, you can purchase at Nucleus Bookstore and Gallery at 210 E. Main St.

On another note: the TRIBE: KENT WILLIAMS iPhone App continues to do well and has climbed substantially in the App rankings. So, thanks for your reviews and to all for your support!


  1. Dear Kent-

    Nice to find your blog. I've been checking websites and looking for some info/press on you as I am writing a paper for my MFA (I'm at OCAD in Toronto, Canada) and want to include at least one of your paintings in my discussion around alienation and disengagement (paintings with two people in them).
    So the one called Sokkin No Bushitachi works well in the context I'm interested in. (Any info or comment on this image??)
    Anyway, I am a figurative painter myself and I love your work.

  2. Sandy, Your paper sounds interesting and certainly it seems that Sokkin No Bushitachi would tie in with your theme. I don't know how much of an explication I want to give concerning the painting – A couple of notes however; It is of an artist (me) and his model. The title refers to the immediate or personal guards to the emperor or shogun. Good luck with your paper! Let me know how it turns out.

  3. Hi Kent williams, i love your art and you are one of my favorites artist.

  4. I tried to get this print, but it was sold out. I got"Sokkin No Bushitachi" in the mail a few days ago. Incredible cool painting:) Your work are one of those things that makes my creative juice flowing:) Dont ever stop painting:)

    Best from Norway. Raymond Johansen.