Tuesday, January 6, 2009


At the start of the new year here, while I'm getting sorted out in my head exactly what I want to get up and running on, I thought I would paint a few landscapes to keep my hand active. So, here are two starts, very early on – about the 2nd pass. They're on the studio floor here because I just laid on some heavy glaze in a few areas. I'll be sure to post them again, at least when they're finished. I often do some landscapes after a larger body of work (in this case, having recently wrapped up solo exhibitions in LA and Berlin) and need a break from the taxing efforts of working with the figure.


  1. they are super duper beautiful... made my eyes open super wide....wao!!!

  2. Amazing your work. I always liked it. but I think that now, you are better than never.

  3. Hope you'll post further stages of one or both. Thanks for the window on your work.

  4. Imagining where these will go is fun. It'd be cool if you could post photos of the view or reference.
    demanding fans geez...sorry.

  5. Nice stuff Kent :) I still fondly remember that kick-ass mango you painted back at CCAC years ago.

    Hope you're doing GREAT and congrats on everything listed on your blog of late. Fantastic!

    Continued success and belated Happy New Year!


  6. I could say that your work is "joy" :)

  7. Delicious, yummy, shiny glaze. I'll put that on a cracker.

  8. Kent I recently became a fan of your paintings! So great and inspiring! love the landscapes.

  9. kent,
    i tried recently to contact you about participating in a show in kansas city. the show would involve two pieces by each artist: one from the begining of their career and one of a more recent (w/in the last year) creation.
    if you would be at all interested please email me at tschroeder@thegreatandsmall.com
    thank you