Thursday, October 15, 2009

Installation Night at MK

A few shots from last night starting installation for the HUMAN ECLECTIC group exhibition at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, which opens this Saturday night. We'll be back at it today with the installer to finish hanging and lighting. Will post shots of the complete exhibition later and opening night pictures as well. Stayed tuned!


  1. Hey Kent! I wish I could be in California to see the show. Have been taking a look at all the artists web sites. The work of Jason Alexander is unbelivable... this is a great show indeed. Best of luck on the opening!

    I liked very much when you posted the "work in progress" pictures of Natalia, I wonder if you could post more of these steps by steps pictures of future work.

    Your fan
    São Paulo

  2. wish i could be there!
    i'll be stopping by on the last day of the show when i'm in town...

  3. Congrutalions Kent, no doubt it will be an amazing exhibition, please let us know if there will be a catalogue available in the web aside the pictures you´ll show us.

    who´s painting is it the one shown in the fist picture from above? is that yours or somebody elses ?

    Once again congratulations and show us as many pictures as you can ( or want to )

    bests _

  4. oh~ cool pictures...who took them? hehe..